My First Garden

I’ve been saying since we moved here that I was going to plant a garden. We have more than enough room but I just never did it since we began having babies shortly after we moved in. A garden was the last thing I wanted to take care of.

But my babies aren’t babies anymore and don’t need as much “taking care of” so this year I when I said I was going to plant a garden, I meant it. (Steve kept laughing but looks who’s laughing now!).

I bought an above ground garden starter kit at Walmart and some dirt. I looked online to find out exactly how this worked and it seemed pretty easy.

First I put the garden in place..

Then I put down newspaper and then soaked it. This will help to kill the grass underneath and stop the weeks from coming through. I don’t need anymore weeds, we have plenty.

Then I added the dirt. Boy those bags are pretty heavy! But I did it.

Then Allison started playing in the dirt even though mommy told her not too. She’s lucky she is cute!

And finally I planted all the plants.

I didn’t do any seeds this year. That was the original plan but my mother brought me a bunch of tomato plants for mother’s day (isn’t she the best!) and then I grabbed some cucumbers, bell peppers and zucchini. That will be good for this year. Next year I may try doing them from seeds.

I placed chicken wire around it so the bunnies and deer will (hopefully) stay away.

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