Scrappin Girls Weekend Getaway

This weekend I spent with my Best Friend Jodi in Mystic at a Scrappin Girls Weekend Getaway. Ok, it wasn’t called that, it’s really just an After Labor Day Crop, but we like to call it a Scrappin Girls Weekend Getaway because that’s what it was for these two SAHM’s. We had a really good time. Jodi left NH around 11am and arrived at my house for some coffee and birthday cake around 2pm. Saturday was her BIRTHDAY (HAPPY BIRTHDAY JODI!!) so I HAD to get her a cake. It wasn’t really a relaxing visit because Holly woke up from her nap a little early and was NOT HAPPY at all. It took about 1 hour to get her to stop crying and to even LOOK at Jodi. We even tried using the cake to snap her out of her “mood” but it didn’t work. See here….

She didn’t make it into the second picture, but doesn’t she look cute even when she’s not happy???

Needless to say at this point I couldn’t wait until our Scrappin Girls Weekend Getaway to begin. Jodi left shortly after that to go check into the hotel. Even though Mystic is only 10 mins from my house we stayed at the hotel. Just made things easier….after all this was a Scrappin Girls Weekend Getaway, right??

I arrived at the hotel by 6:30 ( I had to wait until Steve came home from work to begin my weekend ) and I had NO Scrappin Mojo at all!!! I managed to get 2 pages done but I was exhausted at that point. We ended our night early, but that was ok, we had ALL DAY Saturday.

We were up in time in the am to get the free breakfast the hotel offered. It was so good. They have a Belgium waffle maker and OMG how yummy that was!!!! We then began our day of scrappin and we had SO MUCH FUN!! We made friends and enemies but had a blast. The ladies behind us were upset every time Jodi (she was sitting right next to it) turned the AC on….the room had HORRIBLE air circulation so we had to keep turning the AC on and off….when it got cold we’d turn it off but they were cold all the time. Too bad, we weren’t the only ones in the room that were HOT. It was so stuffy in there at one point it smelled bad. That’s not fun, so we just kept turning it on and off and they kept giving ups dirty looks and talking about us. Who cares….Grow up…they were OLDER THAN US acting that way so whatever!!!! LOL

We got a lot done and had fun. I think I mentioned the fun part before but really we had fun. It was nice hanging out with her without any interruptions of someone having to eat, change a diaper, get out of the stroller, get back in the stroller, keep moving the stroller or I take me out of the stroller. Those are the sorta things we usually are doing when we get together, and not that we don’t like having our children there, but this was nice for a change. Of course all we talked about all weekend was Holly and David, but of course…they are the focus of every day, not to mention in every picture we were scrapping. But we had a LOT of fun.

We went home Sunday morning and it was nice to be home with Steve and Holly. I missed them on Saturday. But we are looking forward to maybe doing that one more time in the near future..we’ll see.

We didn’t take any pictures all weekend, but here are the layouts I did get done.

Thanks for looking!

And this one Jodi made for me…

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  1. Sounds like such a great idea. You completed quite a few LO’s as well. Glad you were able to get away. Next time you should scrap a LO about yourself 🙂

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