Holly is defiantly a fish in the water like her dad. Not that I don’t Love the water, because I do, but it’s a different Love for Steve and Holly seems to have that too. She even lets him dunk her underwater. I really should take her for formal swim lessons this fall. She just has so much fun while in the pool. Whether it’s the big pool or her kiddie pool, she just LOVES the water. And then at the end of the day she gets to take a bath and get into more water.

Here are some pictures of Holly and Daddy in the pool this past Sunday. I take all the pictures so I never end up in them. We need to get a water camera to take some shots while we are actually inside the pool too. That would be fun!

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  1. **Looks like she will be a water gal. 🙂 Luv the pictures and thanks for sharing them. You may not have to sign her up for swimming lessons, she may learn how to swim herself. Yeah!!!

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