She Did It…………….

She sat on Santa’s lap!!! I was so excited, more than she was. This is her 3rd Christmas and I finally got her to sit on his lap. I’m so proud of her. We met Lil David and Jodi at the mall yesterday and when we walked in, Santa was the first place we saw. At first Holly got shy and looked away when Santa waved hi. But after a little while she wanted to go up to see him, and play with the stuff that was there around him. The guy there was great and let her and David play since there was no one else there waiting (it was a small mall). Holly found some little balls and the 3 of them (Holly, David and Santa) were playing catch, sort of. I kept asking Holly if she wanted to sit next to Santa, or on his lap but she was pretty much ignoring me. So I picked her up and put her on his lap and she just sat there, no fuss, no expression nothing. I’m not sure she know what to take of him, he was a really big Santa. The guy snapped a picture and this is what we got…….typical Holly with the scrunched up nose. I didn’t care, as long as I had the picture. This is really for me, not her. LOL

Jodi put David up on Santa’s lap too (this is David’s 2nd time seeing Santa this year and I think once was enough for him) and he tried to escape but not before we got another picture. Looks like Santa was caught off guard but Holly wasn’t scrunching up her nose this time. Once again, this picture was more for Jodi and I, not the kids. LOL

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  1. Hi, What an adorable picture of Holly and little David with Santa. I loved them both.
    Love Nana

    p.s. The dress looked so cute on her.

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