My poor camera……

I’m so sad. My camera is broken, and it’s not something the warranty will cover. They say it’s physical damage and the warranty doesn’t cover that. I think that’s silly, when you have small children, the warranty should cover for physical damage. Oh wait, I guess that would on be the warranty for the child, not the camera. Oh well.

We could have if fixed, but for double the price of fixing it we can get a brand new one. Why not get one that’s more up to date with the latest features, right? I think that’s what we should do. Steve thinks we should see if we can have it fixed somewhere else for cheaper. I’m going for the new camera route instead. He just doesn’t know that yet. So I’ve decided that I am going to save up for my own new camera. Since I don’t actually receive a paycheck, that makes it a little harder. So instead I am going to save up all the money I get from filling out surveys and rebates and instead of using that to buy say some scrapbook supplies which I usually do, I’ll put it aside for a new camera. I’m half way there already, I started saving for this a month ago because deep down inside I knew my camera would not make it this time. But the bright side is, I did get over 16,000 pictures from it, so I think I got my money’s worth. Besides, it’s 4 years old, time for an upgrade.

Then after the camera, I’m going to start saving for a Dyson bagless vacuum. Now that will take much longer to save for, but maybe by the end of the year I’ll have 1/4 of what I need. Unless someone buys me one for Christmas. Now that would be a great Christmas gift for me, if anyone is listening out there. DYSON BAGLESS VACUUM………..they sell them at Target and have them on sale very often…….hint hint hint.

OK I will leave you with these pictures…

My baby……she’ll always be my baby, even when she is 35.

Actually they will both ALWAYS be my babies, even when they have their own babies, but lets not rush anything now.
Those 2 bottom teeth are really out now. Actually the 2 top teeth are finally coming out. Wow she’s got 4 teeth and she’s 15 months old…………lol

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  1. Adorable Pictures! I love those two little teeth! I had a great time at our “girls weekend”. Thanks!

    I know you, you are very good with $ and will be able to save in no time.

  2. Gorgeous photo’s…hope you get your new camera soon…and it is time to send Santa your wishlist for Christmas…lol….vacuum cleaner can be top of the list.

  3. Allison’s smile in that last picture – I’ve seen it before, but on one of your nephews. Definitely some family resemblance there.

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