Getting Big!

These girls are getting so big, so fast…………it’s amazing!

Allison likes to carry a ‘bunch’ of things at a time by tucking them under her chin. It’s really cute when she does this. One day I let her play with the tub of wipes so I could finish up some things around the house (of course I have plenty of wipes to spare). Once they were all pulled out of the tub, she then carried them from room to room, and of course tucked them under her chin. I was able to catch a couple of pictures of her….

We decided to keep Holly home from school the month of August and we’ve also decided to send her to a different school in September. Her and I are going to look at schools in the next few days to pick one out. Since she was leaving her other school, we made cupcakes for her last day of school. Holly really enjoyed the entire process. I don’t bake much, since I really can’t eat a lot of baked goods, so this was her first time making cupcakes. Actually it was pretty much the first time I made cupcakes too, pretty sad, I know.

I had my camera on hand, of course, and got some cute shots of her enjoying herself.

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  1. I’m guessing Allison will win the pass the orange with your chin game when she plays it at birthday parties. As for the cupcakes, you both did an excellent job. They look yummy!

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