Coloring and more…

Holly LOVES to color..It’s her new thing…But we must leave the crayons on the counter when we are done, or the walls become her coloring book. This has happened 3 times (if you count the fridge last week). I did get a picture this time before I cleaned it. Did you know that the Magic Eraser works really well getting crayon off your walls and fridge? Yup it does. Jodi can tell you too…I think she invested in the company recently. LOL The picture is a little blurry but it’s the wall in my hallway and there isn’t much light, but you get the idea.

I love how her belly hangs out when she wears this top..It’s just too cute. Fast forward 12 years and I’ll be begging her to cover up her belly, I know. But she’s still such an innocent little girl and I’m enjoying those moments.

Since I came home from the hospital she has been dealing with separation anxiety. Everything is MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY and lately she wants to be held all the time. I’m sure it’s hard for her to understand that mommy isn’t going to take off for 4 day again anytime soon. I don’t plan on it. Hopefully she feels better about that soon. I do admit, I like all the MOMMY attention.

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  1. I can totally relate to the seperation anxiety thing. I didn’t even notice it, but it all started when I got home from the hospital too! Weird! I guess little ones want their mommies to stay out of the hospital!

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