10 months old…

Allison turned 10 months old this week, hard to believe that she’ll be 1 in just two months. As I’ve said before, where did the time go???
She’s doing really well. She has been crawling like crazy since Christmas and pulls herself up on everything and is now cruising along the furniture. She really has the desire to stand and move along but she hasn’t tried to take any of her own steps yet. Still not letting go. But her balance is getting better and better every week so she probably will be walking by her 1st birthday.
She seems to be going through a growth spurt and is eating so much more lately, but not so much in the form of baby food, but in the form of her bottle or things she can chew on. Oh did I mention she still has NO TEETH!! She wants to chew on food so bad, but without teeth I am limited on what I can give her. Really only foods that she can break up with her gums. So she’s been enjoying her bitter biscuits, Cheerios (oh boy she LOVES those!), Gerber Puffs, pizza crusts, hard bread, crackers. Once she has some teeth I will give her more.
She’s getting taller too, because she seems to be able to reach more when she stands. Lets just say she’s keeping us on her toes, and we are loving every minute of it.
She says momma and dadda (not sure if she knows how to use those words properly but she at least says them) and she says something that sounds like UP. She babbles a lot, except when she’s on the phone with her grandparents, then she just tries to lick the phone, as she does with everything else.
She’s very smart too. And she understands NO. I don’t remember when Holly started to understand that, but Allison here’s it so much more because we tell Holly No too, she maybe she’s caught on easier by learning from her big sister.
OK here are some pictures with the zebra……….this month and at 5 months. Notice the difference in the size of the zebra?? It’s getting smaller!


September 07…..

She’s also changed just a little bit, don’t ya think?

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  1. Great pics of Allison, she is so cute. Hope She feels better soon, we love you sweetie. Hugs, Nana & Papa

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