What a MESS!!!!

Holly loves to play. She plays very well by herself too. She’s such a good girl!! Today she decided that she was going to play with everything at once!! Twice she emptied out her toy box and just tossed everything everywhere. It’s a small area so it fills up pretty quickly. Maybe she was looking for something and thought, hey this could be fun. I don’t know but I had to clean it up and then later on she did it again.

Here’s the proof….

Then she decided after all her toys were out of the toy box, she’d take all of mommy’s “toys” otherwise known as Tupperware and put that all over the kitchen floor. What a mess!!!!

But she had fun, that’s all that matters!

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  1. How cute! Looks like Holly and my DD, Emma, have been talking about how to “play”. 🙂 Very cute pictures!

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