Fall is here………

Well at least in our house and in Holly’s wardrobe. Most of her pants are too long for her so until i find more that fit her, we will be wearing a LOT of skirts with tights. I got these tights at The Children’s Place — love that store!!!. When I got her dressed I asked her if she wanted to wear her new shoes with the flowers on them and believe it or not, she ACTUALLY let me put them on her. For those of you that know, Holly usually gives me a hard time putting new shoes on her but this time she didn’t. Such a BIG GIRL!! So here she is in her first fall outfit and I couldn’t resist putting on the matching sweater too. As usual, i had to chase her down for a picture because she doesn’t seem to like me to take her picture anymore. I wonder why, not like this is picture #9796 …..Oh wait a minute, this is picture #9796. Oh well, 10,000 more to come! LOL

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