Her First Sentence!!!! and lots more……

Holly said her first sentence this past week. After dinner her daddy went outside to mow the lawn and when she realized he wasn’t there so looked at me, put her arms out (like when you say things are all gone) and said to me….”Where’d dada go?” I was so excited!!! I told her “dada went outside” and then she said in a question “outside?”. It was a conversation…something that is new to her and I and I LOVED IT. It made me realize how fast she is growing up.

New words are normal around here everyday now. She is trying so hard to talk and if she doesn’t know words, she makes them up. She’s also not a phone person (not sure where she gets that from) but the same night she got on the phone with Grandma and Grandpa W and said hello a few times, love you and bye bye. They were so happy to hear all those words. Then later on she said to Grandpa C “hi Poppa”. Needless to say, all her grandparents were very happy. (Grandma C was just happy she talked to grandpa).

Update on Potty Training

We aren’t in full force potty training mode just yet, but we do try from time to time. This past week she did 3 things that impressed me. On Sunday she had not gone poopies yet so I asked her if she wanted to do poopies on the potty. Well, long story short, she went on the floor in the bathroom, not in the potty. But hey, I look at it as she kinda of went on my cue so that’s pretty good. I told Steve that won’t be the last time we clean that up. We weren’t upset at all, we were proud of her. (Are we crazy??). Then the next day she had a dirty diaper and she came up to me and said to me “I stinky!” and she pulled at her diaper. It was so cute!!! And I was proud of her for informing me she needed a diaper change. Now if only she told me this before it happened…..we will get there, I know. Then finally the next day we were in the bathroom trying to go potty (she’s only gone ONCE inside the p0tty….patience, I know) and when she was all done (she did NOTHING) she wanted some toilet paper so I gave her one square and she preoceded to wipe herself as if she had gone potty!!!! too cute.

I know she is showing so many signs, that’s why we are doing this but it could stil take a LONG time. I think the more she talks the more progress we will make. We don’t want to force her just yet, there’s still plenty of time.

She puts my shoes on a lot, like most children do, and when she put my sneakers on I just laughed….she looked so funny with those big sneaker on…….

Mystic Aquarium

Holly and I went to Mystic Aquarium this week with my friend Karen and her grandson Jakob. It was a fun day. The two of them were so good and they really enjoyed everything. This is the first time I’ve taken Holly to the aquarium where she really enjoyed it. We spent most of the time looking at the whales. There was hardly anyone there (we went during the week, during the day) so they got to go right up to the glass to see the whales and they both really enjoyed them.

Then we came accross the sea lions outside and they were barking up a storm, but that didn’t scare either one of them.

Next were my favorite, the penquins. I love these little guys, they are so cute! Holly and Jakob seemed to think so too. One of the penquins was swimming around showing off so it came up to the glass many times and they got to see him close up. It was pretty cool.

Then we went inside and they both really enjoyed the big fish tank that’s inside with the sharks and all kinds of big fish (and small ones too). Here are some sharks we saw……

After we had lunch we saw the Sea Lion show. Holly’s not quite ready to sit and watch a show, but Jakob did great! We saw most of the show before Holly just could not sit there anymore. We sat in the front row and the seals came out of the water right in front of us a few times so that was really good. They both seemed to enjoy that part, Karen and I did too.

After the show we went to see the whales one more time then we headed out. We were there over 2 hours and they were both ready for a nap. I tried to get a picture of them but this is what i got…..

and then when it was time to say goodbye, Jakob gave Holly a kiss…..

And this is what happened on the way home in our car (and I’m told the same thing happened in Karen’s car)…

It was a fun day!!!

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  1. So Cute! What an exciting week for you! Lots going on. I love the pictures of Holly with your shoes – it cracked me up! So funny!!! Miss Ya and can’t wait to see you!

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