This is Weird….

I have a blog. Not really sure if this is for me but since I read so many of them, Steve suggested that I start my own. The only question is, what am I going to write about??? Holly??? Scrapbooking??? Ok, those will work!

Bare with me please, I’m not a good writer (or a good there spell check on here) but I’ll try my best. I usually send out emails on updates with Holly so why not just post it here and then I have everything in the same spot so when I want to scrapbook what she does, I can just come here.

So I’m going to give it a try. Please be kind in your comments. I do want to hear them, but I’m sensitive and I’m a women so I cry easily. 🙂

So you are asking yourself what should you expect to read about on here. Well, I’m sure I’ll talk mostly about Holly and what she does and how she’s doing. I’ll also post some of my scrapbook pages that I’d like to share with everyone. And then anything else will be whatever is on my mind that I’d like to share. I’ll try not to bore you all too much!

Sit back and enjoy!!!

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  1. Karen, I know you will do just fine. Don’t short change yourself-as a little girl, you used to write and tell stories very well….remember? I’m sure it will be an interesting Blog! of course, Mom

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