Allison on the Phone

Allison has discovered that she can get herself up onto the couch, Holly’s rocking chair, the Dora chairs (though she topples over in those quite often) and now she’s trying to get onto the dining room chairs. She can’t quite do it yet, but she’s trying. I helped her up yesterday morning and we sat together for a while. I was able to get some really cute pictures of her. She was still in her pajama’s but she looked adorable, of course.

She grabbed the phone off the table and began pushing the buttons and ‘talking’ on the phone. She doesn’t really have any words yet, I have heard her say something that sounds like Hello a few times, but that doesn’t stop her from chatting on the phone. She even knows which button’s make the phone ring. It’s really cute. While she was ‘talking’ on the phone I grabbed my camera and started filming it, but she was more fascinated with looking at the camera then talking. She still said a few words but not as ‘chatty’ as she had been before the camera.

The video is taking to long to upload so I will post it tomorrow.

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