Midweek update…

Just a quick midweek update with some pictures to share. Allison is getting a little restless right now so this will be short and sweet. The girls are doing great and so are we.

Mommy and her girls….
This is actually Allison’s halloween costume but Holly wanted to put it on, it’s pretty small on her, though it doesn’t look that small……Allison is probably going to be swimming in it. Since Holly liked it so much, I got her one too that will fit her better. She lookedso cute in it though.
Allison eating seet potatoes…..believe it or not she did NOT like them….
See what I mean!
Nana and (a tired) Holly

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  1. such cuties! I love that you take pictures with your girls so often…I should do that more with my kids! (you look fantastic BTW!)
    Halloween….I better start shopping for costumes before they are all picked over!

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