5 months old Already!!!

I know it’s been 18 days since I posted. I didn’t have my camera for a few of those days and just got behind. But today I was informed it had been 18 days so I decided to make sure I updated today!

Can you believe that Allison is 5 month’s old today. Where is the time going. She’s getting so big so fast and changing so much. Here are our monthly pictures of her with the zebra.

I was able to snap one picture before she grabbed the zebra…..

and put it in her mouth…. everything goes in the mouth now. I think each month’s picture is going to be harder and harder to take!

Then I decided to sit her up and take a picture of her that way, but the zebra ended up in the mouth again.

Then she started to cry……

and I just kept taking pictures. The scrapbooker in me had to take more pictures.

But she’s still cute!

I’ll try to post again this week.

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