Oh how CUTE…..

We don’t let Holly take any toys into her crib. We just never did. Before her morning nap today she was playing with her baby doll (that’s what we call her) so nice. She’s been playing with her a lot lately, carrying her around the house, just like a little mommy. Well, I decided today to try something and let her take baby doll with her for her nap. I looked in on her after a few minutes and she was laying there, touching baby doll, I thinking she found a tag on her cloths. Then I looked in once more when it got quiet and she had fallen asleep with her arm around baby doll.

For some of you that have children this is a familiar sight. But for us, it’s a first and I think it’s the cutest thing in the world! Maybe I’ll start letting her take naps with baby doll.

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