The Nursery…….

The Nursery is finally done. I’m so happy with it and just love the colors. We did Holly’s nursery in neutral colors because we picked it out before we knew we were having a girl. Originally we were NOT going to find out the sex of the baby, but I caved last minute so we did. We really like her nursery set so we decided to stick with it, even though it wasn’t “girly”. Well this time I wanted something VERY girly and I got my way. Do you think this is girly enough??

I also pulled out Holly’s infant car seat and got that all cleaned up for Baby Sister. I put it back together yesterday so we can load it into the car this weekend and Holly decided that she needed to take a “nap” in there. She was trying to curl up an get nice and comfortable and was having fun doing it. It’s amazing to think she was small enough to fit in here with LOTS of room, now she barely fits. How fast they grow!

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  1. The nursery is adorable, Karen!!! Holly is getting so big … she is sooo cute in that car seat – definitely a layout waiting to happen! 😉 You look fabulous by the way! Miss ya!

  2. Very cute nursery. Definitely girly 🙂 The time is coming up quickly. I will be praying for you and your family. I am excited to hear the name 🙂

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