The Biopsy Results are in: Colon Cancer

On Tuesday, June 10, 2014, we saw the oncologist from the hospital to get the final results from the biopsy.  We knew Steve had cancer but we didn’t know what kind so we weren’t sure what we were dealing with, yet.

That was when we found out it was Colon Cancer.  And since it’s spread to 2 other organs (liver and lung), it’s Stage 4.  Colon cancer is not curable once it’s spread to other organs.  Therefore, Steve will never be cancer free.  🙁

The doctor said there really is no reason to operate since there was no large obstruction in the colon (since they didn’t see anything on the CT Scan) nor is there a lot of bleeding (since Steve has never noticed any) so at this point we would start Chemo in a matter of a couple of weeks.

He does want to do a colonoscopy just so he knows where the polyp is, in case he needs to know someday down the line.  He also wants to do a bone scan to see if it’s in his bones.  He doesn’t feel that it’s in his brain or he’d have some problems that they would be aware of so we aren’t checking his brain.

After both of those tests are done, he’ll see a surgeon to get a port put in for chemo.  This doctor would like to do chemo every 2 weeks for 6 months.  The chemo would be administered over 2 days with a portable unit.  Someone would come to the house to hook him up and then come back 2 days later to get everything.  Steve would be able to move around freely and even leave the house while getting chemo.  He said we’d talk more about that at the next visit.

The doctor said every couple of months he’ll do a scan to see how the chemo is working and if it’s shrinking the cancer.

We asked him what the long term prognosis was and he said at this point he doesn’t know.  He has to see what the chemo does.  But the chemo will never be able to kill the cancer completely.  It’s just not possible with this type of cancer.

We are trying not to read too much online because otherwise it really depresses us.

We are trying to stay as positive as we can.  We also have an appointment with a 2nd oncologist, the best in the state, to see what he thinks about a treatment plan.

He had his bone scan on Thursday, but we don’t have any results.  His colonoscopy is scheduled for next week and his consult with the surgeon for the port is scheduled for next week as well.

Steve feels fine and hasn’t had the pain since he was in the hospital.  The worst part is that he feels fine.  🙁

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