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Mystic 2 Years Later & A promise for more!

It’s been two years since I’ve updated this blog. My other blog KouponKaren.com took off like crazy so this sort of got pushed to the back burner AND Facebook is so much easier to update with pictures of the kids and what we’ve been up too. But I have all this stuff here, just sitting in space, of them when they were babies so I will be updating this from time to time.

We went to Mystic this weekend for a birthday party that Holly was invited to. We decided to make a day of it and bring Allison along as well and spend time with her while Holly was at her party. She loved having mommy and daddy’s attention all to herself and so did we. We all had a good time.

Of course I snapped some pictures – but the girls don’t like to pose anymore. Probably due to all my picture taking in the past!

Allison with her zebra hat and leg warmers! It was a very cold day and they wouldn’t look at the camera, but I got a great shot of the whale!

Until next time…..

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