Allison’s Cursive Writing

Allison wants to learn everything Holly learns.  When Holly was learning to do math in Kindergarten, Allison learned to do math.  When Holly was learning to count by 5’s and 10’s.  Allison learned.  Allison then figured out how to count by 2’s just by the logic that it was every other number, no one taught her.

Allison is smart, and hopefully will continue to enjoy learning new things as she gets older and won’t push school work aside for something else.  Holly is in 2nd grade now and she is learning to write cursive and is loving it.  Holly has very neat printing and her cursive is looking to be neat as well.  She’s still working on it.

Allison, of course, wants to learn cursive because Holly is.  So Holly showed her how to write her name in cursive….

allison cursive

That is Allison’s cursive writing in Kindergarten.  There are some kids that can’t even print their name, but my kids and print and write it in cursive.

Where did my baby go??

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