Day Five of Spring Break School Vacation {Birthday Party}

Today was day 5 of the girl’s spring break and the last day (not counting the weekend).   To end the week we had a birthday party for Allison at AC Moore.  She had her party there last year and loved it so much she asked to go there again.  I don’t mind because not only is it affordable, but the staff is great and she can pick her own craft. Before we began, she had them write their name on the table (which was covered with kraft paper) and also to draw a picture.   A lot of her friends drew pictures of zebras which I thought was adorable! Finally it was time to start the craft.  She choose to make a parachord bracelet but I…

Allison’s Cursive Writing

Allison wants to learn everything Holly learns.  When Holly was learning to do math in Kindergarten, Allison learned to do math.  When Holly was learning to count by 5’s and 10’s.  Allison learned.  Allison then figured out how to count by 2’s just by the logic that it was every other number, no one taught her. Allison is smart, and hopefully will continue to enjoy learning new things as she gets older and won’t push school work aside for something else.  Holly is in 2nd grade now and she is learning to write cursive and is loving it.  Holly has very neat printing and her cursive is looking to be neat as well.  She’s still working on it. Allison, of course, wants to learn cursive…

A Day In Allison’s Life – Zebra Outfit for the Day 2/15/13

I let Allison dress herself.  She wants to so I’d rather she become independent than always rely on me.  That said, after Kindergarten we may have to work on her outfits more because some days the things she picks out wont fly in the upper grades. Here was today’s outfit… My favorite part is the blue Ariel socks with the black buckled shoes that have the worn out toes because she wears them  And lets talk about the skirt – that is a Halloween dress up skirt but she likes to wear it as an everyday skirt.  And the T-Shirt just cracks me up.  Notice what it says on the shirt “I Like Being Me”.  It’s PERFECT for her because she really is her…

Back To School Time

“It’s the most wonderful time of the Year!!” Oh wait, that’s the holidays not back to school.  Bad Me.  LOL Yesterday was the first day of School and at a new school too!  They girls were very excited.  Especially Allison because she entered Kindergarten.  She’s finally in the same school as her sister.  She feels awesome! Holly started 2nd grade and was a little nervous and cried for a little bit before she went inside but she’s in the same class as our neighbor so that really helped her. She got over it pretty quickly in the end. We took a few pictures at the house first… And a YIPPEE Picture as well – though I’m thinking mom was more “YIPPEE” than the girls were….

Ready for School!

Allison is now in the pre-school room and still loves going to school. About a month ago she was home sick for a few days and then didn’t want to go to school so she cried for about 3 weeks when I dropped her off. She looked really cute this morning so I had to take a picture of her. Auntie Jodi gave her that pretty blue dress for her birthday.