My New Camera!!

I received my new camera the week before the wedding so all the pictures I took were with that and I love it. It’s very similar to my old camera but it’s a newer version so somethings were improved and they changed the way some things worked so I’m still learning. But I am very happy with the pictures it took. Glad I had to get a new one.

A few people have asked me how I made money to buy the camera. Well some of you know that I’ve become very frugal and save a LOT of money when I go shopping and I really enjoy taking surveys and doing mystery shopping. I put together a blog about all the things I do and the survey companies I’ve hooked up with. Your welcome to take a look at it. I post there daily and have even added some advertising to possibly generate some money to make up for the time I spend working on it. If I could get the readership up really big then it could turn into something great and then I can buy myself a new camera every year! But really the point of the blog is to show people how I save money and make a little bit of money so you can do it to. So check it out and let me know what you think. Leave me a comment here or there.

Frugal RI Mama

I can’t post here without pictures of my girls so here are a few…

At the hotel before we left. They had a beautiful gazebo there.
Holly was blowing bubbles for her little sister.

They were waving bye to PA.

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  1. I *HEART* the new blog background and the picture of the girls is great! They are getting so big.

    You can do my blog when you want!!!

    miss You!

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