My Little Helper………

Holly loves to help mommy around the house. She actually wanted to wash dishes when she saw me doing it the other day. I promised her she could someday and intend to keep that promise! Her thing lately is every night she wants to set the dinner table, so I let her. I give her one thing at a time except for glasses and knives. She puts each plate where they belong, one for daddy, one for mommy and one for Holly. Then we move onto forks, napkins, plastic cups and then whatever extra things need to go on the table for that nights dinner. She loves doing this and she does a great job. The other night I took a picture of her table after she set it. Not bad for a 2 year old.

When I fold laundry she takes each piece out of the laundry basket for me to fold. When we get her dressed, she pulls out a clean undershirt and socks and always gathers what we need to change her diaper. When she takes a bath she gets herself a towel and then puts everything out we need to dry her off including her lotion and hairbrush. When it’s time to put on her Pajama’s she gets out her PJ’s, a night diaper, and a clean undershirt when needed and then she always puts her dirty cloths in the hamper. If Steve leaves his socks hanging around when he takes them off she even puts those in mommy and daddy’s laundry basket. When we come back from the grocery store, I’ll put the bags on the floor and she will unload the items and put them on the counter for me to put away. She’s always there to lend me a hand in getting things done, I think it’s so cute! I think when her baby sister arrives, she will help me with her too. I’m hoping that if I let her help with simple things with the baby, that she will like her and not want her to leave. We shall see.

But in the meantime, when she wants to help, I let her. It’s nice to get a hand with things once in a while, especially being 7 months pregnant but feeling like I’m 9 months pregnant. I always wanted a little helper and it seems like I have one. She’s my little buddy!

The other day I was sitting on the couch and Holly came up to me with her baby doll’s bottle and put it to my belly and said she was feeding baby sister. Well I thought that was the cutest thing. Then she say a picture of a sleeping baby on a gift bag I have and she said to me “Mommy shhhhh, baby sister is sleeping”. I’m starting to think she might have a slight idea what a “baby sister” is and I really hope she’s happy when she meets her. Until then she can continue to “feed” my belly and her baby sister. A 2 year old is so much fun!

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  1. It is fun having a little helper! I hope she doesn’t grow out of it. My helpers did! It is fun while it lasts…it makes them feel soooooooooooo important!
    Love ya Holly.

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