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Day Two of Spring Break School Vacation {Daddy’s Birthday}

It’s Day two of the girl’s Spring Break and today we celebrated my husband’s birthday.   We usually go out for dinner to celebrate a birthday but we couldn’t tonight because Holly had softball practice and Allison had soccer practice so since the girls are home today, we decided to take Daddy to lunch for his birthday.

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He chose Gregg’s and no one minded.  They have a special on Tuesday that when you order from the regular menu you get a drink and a desert for an extra $3.50.  That’s a great deal since the drinks alone are $2.50 and the desserts are $6.  So we took two slices of cake home to celebrate daddy’s birthday after practice.

Happy 43rd Birthday Steve!  xoxo

Holly has her first softball game this Thursday and she’s a little nervous and a little excited.   I’m glad she’s enjoying softball and I can’t wait to see her play.  I haven’t been to any of her practices but Steve tells me she is doing great.

Holly and Allison have been a great help to me with Max, our Boston Terrier puppy.  This week Holly has been up before me each day so she’s been bringing Max out when he gets up, which is a HUGE help for me so I can actually get dressed when I get up.  I’ve been sleeping until he gets up since I’m up with him in the middle of the night.  So having her do that is HUGE for me.  She’s so helpful, they both are and we are all enjoying him.  Allison likes being a big sister.

So besides helping out with Max, they’ve been spending a lot of time outside this week since the weather is so beautiful (finally!).  Having friends right across the street helps and they go back and forth to each others house and take Max for walks.  We really did move into the best neighborhood and have made great friends.

And tomorrow is another day!

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