Day Three of Spring Break School Vacation {Play Date and Shopping}

2014-04-23 14.41.20-1

Today was day 3 of the girl’s spring break.  It rained all day!  I hate rain on days I have lots of errands to run but it couldn’t stop me because things needed to be done.

We began our day with a play date with one of Holly’s friends from school and our neighbor’s daughter.  The 5 kids had a great time while the mom’s discussed how delicious Herbal Life shakes are!  I’m going to start drinking them at least in the morning to get a good boost of protein.  But anyways, the girls had a great time then we had to head home to have a quick-lunch and let Max out.  Max is our puppy Boston Terrier.

Allison’s birthday is tomorrow and she’s having a friend party at ACMoore on Friday and then a family party at home on Saturday.   So we needed to do some shopping at Sam’s Club and ACMoore for both of those parties.

For the craft at ACMoore, the kids are making bracelets with Parachute Cord – Paracord.  If you aren’t familiar with this you can see a video here.  I have a feeling that we will be making more Paracord bracelets after the party.  Needless to say, Allison is really excited about her party and can’t wait until Friday.

Then we headed to Sam’s Club where we picked up some cupcakes for her friend party and ordered a cake for her family party.  Holly has been dying to walk around Sam’s Club and ‘check it out’… she loves to window shop.   So we spent some time there as well.  This may not seem like ‘fun’ to some of you but you have to understand my kids love doing things like this with mommy.  They’d come on all my errands all week-long if they didn’t have to go to school.  Especially Holly.   Allison I have to bribe at times but today was all about getting things for her so it was all good.

2014-04-23 14.42.35

We also stopped at Saver’s to pick up some books.  The girls love books and can’t ever have enough.  Savers has chapter books for $.99 each and when you buy 4 you get one free!  So I let them each pick out 5 books.  They were pretty happy.

When we got home they did some things around the house for me and then settled down to watch a movie we picked up at Sam’s Club – a Monster High movie!   While they did that I planted some seeds which I’ll share about another time.

It was a busy day but we got a lot done.    The pictures I took of us in the car today (at the drive through of the bank, no I wasn’t driving at the time).  The first picture I changed to a sketch with a program on my phone  I thought it was pretty cool!

Tomorrow is another day….

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