CEA Update and Chemo #14

Happy New Year!

The last chemo treatment Steve received on Christmas Eve went well.  He over did it over the holiday with all our company so he was exhausted coming out of it, but he enjoyed the time we spent with friends and family so it was worth it for him.  He also got another mouth sore this time around, however it wasn’t at it’s worst and he was still able to eat more than just soft foods.  That said, he still dropped a few pounds.  He’s going to try and work on putting those back on this week.

The doctor checked his CEA number on Monday and it was 15.6, which is a little higher than last time.  We never head from the doctor so today’s chemo treatment is the same as last and we will meet with the doctor before his next treatment.  I don’t know if he will change anything yet.   He did tell us that at some point the CEA number may bounce up and down a bit so perhaps this is that time right now and it could be back at 11 in a month.  Time will tell.

So today is Steve’s 14th Chemo treatment and the 2nd one without the Oxaliplatin.  He has noticed a big difference without it with all the cold we are having now.  While his fingers and toes are still a bit sensitive, they don’t hurt they way they did before with the cold.  And his nose doesn’t seem to hurt anymore either.  That makes him very happy.  He still hasn’t gained back all the feeling in the tips of his fingers but it is getting better.

Steve has decided to take another week off of chemo the first week of February because the Friday of that week is the Father Daughter Dance, which he really wants to attend with the girls.  If he has chemo that week, he won’t be up to going on that Friday night because he’s usually exhausted by then.  The dance is just way to important to him and the girls to miss so we talked with the doctor and he agreed to push it off a week.   He’ll go the following week instead, and then go every 2 weeks after that.

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