The Mourner’s Bill of Rights

I came across something called “The Mourner’s Bill of Rights” and there were 10 bullet points. One of them made me feel so better about how I’ve been feeling the past week or so – I have been SO UNMOTIVED lately. I haven’t cooked in two weeks, and have no desire to even go food shopping. I have new furniture coming for Allison this week which means everything has to come out of her room and I have the Book Fair at the girl’s school coming up in less than a week and I haven’t done anything for that either. I hate feeling this way. But at least this helps me to understand that it’s normal. It said “You have the right to be tolerant…

Daddy Bears

One of my best friends had these bears made for the girls from two of Steve’s Hawaiian shirts. They are amazing and the girls absolutely love them!!! The shirts he wore tons of times so they remind them of him. Such a wonderful and thoughtful gift! Thank you Jaime Lutynski Kilday!!! You are an amazing person and I’m happy to call you my friend. Xoxoxoxo

A Visit In My Dreams…..

My husband Steve visited me last night, in my dreams. He was laying in a bed, and I touched his arm and asked him for a kiss. I told him I knew this wasn’t real so I wanted a kiss. He laid there and smiled at me. It was a nice visit.

Mother’s Day – My Girls Spoiled Me Today!

My girls spoiled me today!! My day began with them letting me sleep in, then waking me to kisses and breakfast in bed – heart shaped toast, a hardboiled egg and a granola bar. Then they showered me with lots of presents. They really made me feel special today  It’s been tough being their mom the past 6 months, but I try my best and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for them . They are my world right now . The day was complete with a great dinner with my mom and dad. I love my mom beyond words and I’m so lucky to have her. Two friends lost their mom’s this weekend, and I couldn’t even begin to imagine how they feel today,…