Blue toes………

Last night I went and got a very much needed pedicure with one of my oldest friends Kimberly. When I say oldest I mean we’ve been friends for a LONG time, she’s not really older than me. We figured out this year will be 25 years we’ve been friends. That’s a LONG time and a lot of history. But anyways, we had a nice time and we got out toes painted together. I decided to paint my toes Blue. Yup you heard that right, I said blue. Why not right?? Not like anyone is really going to see them. I figured Holly would get a kick out of it and she did. (Steve thinks I’m crazy but that’s nothing new) Holly hasn’t noticed my toes painted before. It’s been a while since I’ve had them done and the last time it really didn’t phase her. So this morning when I showed her so LOVED them. She wants to paint her toes, I told her when she gets a little bigger. She also wants to paint Daddy’s toes, but something tells me he won’t allow that. After that conversation she went into baby sisters room, pointed to all the paint cans in there and said “Mommy, Holly paint her toes”! It was so cute. I told her that paint is for the walls not for her toes. I don’t think she quite got it, so we will probably go through that a few more times today, but that’s OK. Someday we will paint her toes with nail polish, not wall paint!

Here are my toes………. (please ignore the chubby toes, my feet are starting to swell, the joys of pregnancy!)

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  1. Hey, I got my fingers and toes painted last night too (and eyebrow wax). I went conventional fushia-like color on the toes, and the light pink I chose for my fingernails turned out to be exactly the color of my natural nails, so it just makes them a little shinier. I didn’t realize it was the natural color when I picked it out. Glad you still get to treat yourself to a pedicure now and then!

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