18 month checkup…..

Holly turned 18 months last week. Amazing how fast that went by. She went for her 18 month checkup yesterday and did great. She still wasn’t to crazy about getting weighed (which I can’t blame her) but she did much better than she did at 15 months. She weighs 22lbs and is 31 1/4 inches tall. Perfect! She was a wild women in the exam room. She was all over the place running, jumping, spinning, laughing, talking etc. The doctor was very impressed with all of her. She’s so funny!! She didn’t like the 2 shots she got and she pulled the band aid right off, but after it was done, it was done.

Here’s a few pictures from last week, she’s figured out how to get around the gate we have in the dining room. So much for that!

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  1. YAY 18 Months!!! Glad her visit went well.
    cute pics! Kids, they’re smarter than we estimate ;). heehee! Good luch containing her LOL

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