I finally did it!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of my layouts has been published in a scrapbook magazine. I found out back in August. You can read that thread here. This is something that I’ve been wanting and waiting for a LONG time. If it never happens again, I will be happy that it happened once. But of course I will continue to try for future publications.

My copy of the magazine finally arrived yesterday. I really think I was the last one to receive a copy because I wanted it so bad. I was so happy, almost starting jumping up and down again screaming, but Holly was napping so I couldn’t.

They choose my layout titled “10 Think I Love About You” for their section titled “What I love about you” and they put my layout as the opening of that section. I was so excited about this because that meant the picture was bigger and it was on a 2 page spread. How exciting!!!

Here are some pictures of my publication………………..

Thanks for letting me share my excitement!!!!

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  1. We are excited for you Karen,I can’t wait to see the magazine next weekend. Of course you had a great subject, so how could you miss. Congradulations,
    Love, Marge

  2. How exciting. I having been looking around town for a copy of Scrapbook Trends but doesn’t seem like anyone sells it in South Carolina. So I am glad you posted a copy of the page in your blog!!

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