Happy 4th Birthday HOLLY!!

I can’t believe it but Holly is 4 years old today. How fast did that happen? Wow! She is such a sweet girl too. We had a birthday party for her yesterday and she loved all her presents and had such sweet reactions to. Today we opened up some of the toys and she just had a ball. I’m trying to hold her off from opening them all so she doesn’t get tired of them too fast. We’ll see how long it takes to get them all opened. Allison has been enjoying her presents too. One of Holly’s favorite toys she received is Hungry Hungry Hippos. She’s been asking for this for a while and her godparents gave it to her. That was the first toy she had to open. At first I didn’t want Allison playing with it because it has small marbles, but she did anyways and isn’t at all interested in putting them in her mouth, she just wants to play with her sister, and they played so well. Of course Allison wasn’t really playing the game, but Holly didn’t care, she just enjoyed playing with her sister.

Today, for her actual birthday, we went to Applebee’s and they sang Happy Birthday to her, she loved it. We had a nice dinner just the 4 of us. It was a great Birthday weekend celebration but unfortunately Holly is starting a little cold but hopefully it won’t last long or amount to much.

I don’t have all the pictures yet from her party because my camera battery died so I have to wait for Jodi to send me some pictures but here are a few.

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  1. Happy Birthday Princess; Papa and I had so much fun at your party. You sure got a lot of presents. We loved the pics of you at your party.
    Love Nana & Papa

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