Happy Halloween!!

Today was like Holly’s first ever Halloween. Of course in her mind it was because she doesn’t remember Halloween’s of the past even though she’s always enjoyed it. No, it was like she experienced it for the first time today and we LOVED it!!

It all began last Tuesday night when we told her that tomorrow was Halloween and she would be going trick or treating with Jakob tomorrow night. She knew Halloween was coming but had no idea when. She woke up this morning (Halloween) and was crying. I asked her what the problem was and she said that it wasn’t trick or treat today. I asked her what she meant and she said that it wasn’t dark out so it wasn’t trick or treat day. (how cute is that!) So I tried to explain to her that it didn’t have to be dark to go trick or treat and we WILL be going later tonight. She then talked about it ALL DAY LONG. The anticipation.

So we headed downtown Westerly and it was such a FUN night! Holly just loved it so much and so did we. They block off the main street downtown and the store owners all stand outside the stores to give out candy. It was so cool seeing all the little (and big) kids dressed up in their costumes. Allison just sat in the stroller just taking it all in, kicking her feet, and watching all the people. She didn’t make a sound but didn’t fall asleep either! She seemed to enjoy herself too.

OK after all that, here are the pictures of our two little Butterflies. They looked so cute!

Our bigger Butterfly all excited to go trick or treating.
and her wings too!
opps can’t forget the pumpkin basket!
And now our littlest Butterfly. It wasn’t too easy getting her in the car seat, but we did have to take her wings off.
All ready to go!

Allison was having fun too, she just didn’t really know what was going on!

Dora was there too!!!! Holly LOVED seeing Dora there, and she wasn’t even afraid of her!

Holly didn’t want to get in on the picture so here is Allison and Jakob.
You can’t trick or treat without having some of the treats!! Holly’s favorite, lollipops!!!

And a family picture. Mommy was dressed as a mommy and Daddy was dressed as a daddy. LOL
It was SO MUCH FUN!!!

Right before trick or treat was all over they had a parade that the kids could get in on too. Holly wanted to be in it so we did. It was a lot of fun. I was able to catch a little bit on video, not the best but it’s a little bit.


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  1. Very Very Cute! I am so glad she had a great time. They both looked adorable. Lucky you guys are to see Dora – David would have loved that too!

  2. Great Pictures, the girls looked adorable in thier costumes. Seems the whole family enjoyed the festivities. thanks for sharing with us. love Nana and Papa

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