Doctors Orders – No Salads!

So for those of you that know Steve well, you know that he isn’t big on fruits and veggies.  He’s a meat and potatoes kind of guy (which also means low fiber – not good for the colon I’ve learned).

However, when he first found out about the cancer, he vowed to do whatever he can to get his body healthy again and that included eating fruits and veggies if needed.

While visiting with the Oncologist last week, he went over side effects of the chemo and asked us if we had any questions.  Steve asked him if he should avoid any foods or eat certain foods to help repair the damage that the chemo will be doing to his body.

I swear Steve had to have slipped him a $20 before we went into the office.  Or perhaps even more than that.

The doctor said no salad, no raw vegetables and no fruit he can’t peel.   Seriously?  Reason being is there is stuff on the outside that we may be able to process normally but when you have chemo it’s not as easy for your body to process.

We both had a really good laugh!

What’s so funny about this?  Well Steve was pretty prepared to eat salad everyday if needed, or anything else and even become a vegetarian if that would help.  He’d do anything to get better and not have cancer just to be with us for a LONG time.  So lucky for him, becoming a vegetarian wasn’t the thing he needed to do now.  More good news – well for Steve at least.

The doctor told him to eat as he normally does for now, especially not knowing how chemo will effect him.  Seriously, my husband had to have paid this doctor off because that is exactly what he’d prefer to hear.

That’s Okay, more fresh veggies from my garden for me and the girls.  I didn’t want to share it with him anyways.  🙂

We have a busy week this week!  Port will be placed in just a few hours (Monday).  Second opinion for treatment is tomorrow (Tuesday), and then the following day (Wednesday) Chemo starts – unless our second opinion has a drastically different plan for us.

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