2nd Ct Scan Results after 6 months of Chemo

We received the results of the CT Scan today.  The doctor says that after looking at the ct scan himself, there has been a small reduction in the tumors.  It’s not as big as the last time but he feels they are all slightly smaller.  He did point out that they are measuring them in mm and not cm so we are looking at something very small in size.

Tomorrow is Steve’s first treatment in the next chemo regimen and it will be less the Oxaliplatin.  The doctor is going to monitor his CEA number closely and if he sees any change then he’ll likely change up his entire chemo prescription and use some different drugs.

At this point the doctor is looking at it as we are in more of a “maintenance” mode, which is good, but we still have a lot of shrinking to do.  So if he doesn’t see a change then he’ll mix up the cocktail.

We were expecting to see more of a decrease in the size of the tumors today, however, Steve is very happy that at least they weren’t bigger so we are still on the right track.  This is a long process and the tumors didn’t grow to the size they are, overnight.  So they won’t shrink overnight either.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas! xoxo

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