CEA Number Update

Today we saw the Oncologist again with an update on Steve’s CEA Number.   And we got some really good news!

Steve’s CEA (tumor marker number) is down to 64!!!  On June 4th it was 536.  Then a few weeks later it was up to 834.8. Four weeks ago it was down to 263.1.   And today it’s 64!!!

The doctor said not all cancers can measure the tumors with this marker, but Colon Cancer is one of them so this does tell us that the tumors are shrinking.  But we can tell as well because of some little differences that we see that I’ve mentioned before.  (His dry cough is gone and his night sweats are gone for the most part and his bowels are better.  I won’t go into detail about that!).

Steve’s cancer diagnosis came on my birthday.  It was the WORST birthday ever.  THE WORST.   I normally love my birthday (anyone who knows me knows this!) but I didn’t enjoy one bit of it this year.  As a matter of fact, my phone keep beeping with birthday wishes all day long while we were in the hospital, learning that my husband had cancer.  I turned 41 and felt like I finally had to become an adult because now that I had all of this ‘care taker bull’ to deal with.  I wasn’t happy at all.  🙁

But today when we were leaving the Oncologists office I realized something.  Steve’s Cancer diagnosis was actually the best birthday gift I could have ever received.  Because had we not found out that day, by the time we found out it would have been too late for the Chemo to even have a chance to work.   And it’s doing a great job at kicking this colon cancer’s ass!  So now I will always remember my 41st birthday as being the BEST BIRTHDAY ever because now I have all this ‘bonus’ time with my husband.  And hopefully it’s for many, many more years.

Trying to find the good in all of this a little bit at a time!

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