Radiation Starts Today

Steve starts radiation today.  He’ll have 10 treatments, Monday-Friday, to keep the tumors that they just removed in surgery, from growing back quickly and compress his spine again. He definitely doesn’t want to have that happen again.

He had a CT Scan earlier this week to set up the radiation and the table he had to lay on was very hard so he was in a lot of pain afterwards.  It’s not the same pain as before the surgery but a different area and different type of pain.  But pain is pain.

We’ve been spending all our time together since he can’t really go anywhere on his own.  It’s actually been pretty nice because it’s been quality time.  He seems more relaxed about the whole thing since his surgery.  I think he’s accepting more of what’s happening, but he’s not giving up yet.

His breathing isn’t great.  They did say it was going to take time for the blood clot to dissolve so that could be why.  But he’s having difficulty moving around very much without being completely winded.  Hoping that gets better soon.

I’ll update the with more information soon.

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