Recent CT Scan & Update

Steve had another CT Scan last week and it showed that unfortunately the cancer is still spreading in his lungs.  The liver is stable.  He also has some pretty swollen Lympnodes near his lungs.  His CEA is the same as it’s been the last 3 months – 11.

We had a really good conversation with the doctor about what is happening and what we should do next.   So here is the plan right now:

1.  We are going to go to Dana Faber and talk to them about clinical trials.  It’s not very likely Steve will do a trail, but we at least want to talk to them about it.

2.  Steve will continue on the chemo he is on right now for 6 weeks (3 more treatments including the one he had today).  We will check the CEA in 4 weeks and then he’ll order scans after the 3rd treatment and see what his lungs look like.

3.  If the scans look the same he will stay on the chemo he’s on and then check again probably after a short time.  If the cancer is still spreading in his lungs, then he’ll go back to the Oxaliplatin which is the drug that causes the Neuropathy.  That drug he only got 12 times (24 weeks) because it can only be given for that length of time due to side effects.  Now that it’s been over a year since he received that drug, he can take it again 12 more times.  So that would give him up to 6 more months of chemo to slow down the growth to give him more time.

We are looking at about 7.5 more months of chemo, depending on what the next scan shows.  After that, there is no more chemo that can be used.

We will keep you all updated on what we find out at Dana Faber and also how the scans look again in 6 weeks.  Thanks for all your continued prayers, thoughts and well wishes!

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