51st Chemo Treatment this week!

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve updated you all about Steve.  I’ve been so busy between the girls being out of school, and my summer classes…. it’s been pretty crazy, to say the least!

Steve had scans done about 1 month ago.  The chest CT was a little blurry because he sneezed during it and the (dumb) girl CT technician told him it came out fine, but in fact, it didn’t.  The radiologist that read the report couldn’t see everything, but from what he could see, the lungs were pretty much the same as the last scan.  His liver is good as well. There has been a spot on his liver that has grow slowly since January.   But the growth wasn’t very significant so the doctor didn’t see any reason to stop the chemo.  Especially since his lungs had little to no change.   The plan when we left the office a month ago was to do 2 more months of chemo (4 treatments) and take scans again.  That was a month ago, so the next scans will be done the beginning of September.  We will know more then.

As far as how Steve has been feeling,  he’s doing pretty good.  Still working, when he’s not getting chemo.  He’s not traveling  overseas any more though.   He hasn’t had any bad mouth sores yet, but his appetite and taste buds are gone right after chemo for a few days and he’s pretty wiped out during that time as well.   He has a pretty regular cough which seems to have irritated his voice box and he’s pretty hoarse these days.  But for the most part, he’s still doing well… his weight is pretty stable and he looks great.

We had a great trip to Disneyland in April and made a lot of great memories for the girls.  We all agree though, that we love Disney World more than Disneyland.  But it was nice to go there for a change and experience it.  The girls would love to go back there someday, but no time soon.  We have another trip planed to Disney World in November.  It’ll probably be our last trip there together as a family so we are looking forward to it, but we also aren’t.  It’ll be a great trip and a sad trip for so many reasons.  But I know we’ll have a GREAT Time.  We are staying at the Beach Club on Disney property because it’s our favorite hotel there, for so many reasons.  It’s located in a great spot and just walk over to Epcot, which is one of our favorite parks.  It also has an amazing pool and lots of restaurants along the board walk.  Our last night there we have reservations for dinner at the Yachtsman Steak House at the Yacht Club.  It’s Steve’s favorite place to get a steak and we always go there.  It wouldn’t be the same without going there.

The girls are doing great.  They have grown up so much in the last 2 years and I’m so proud of them.  They both had another great school year with practically perfect report cards. They are so smart and love to learn and read.  Their book shelves are getting fuller and fuller along with their brains!   They make me so proud.  They make their daddy so proud too!  They also understand that daddy’s time with us is limited and while they don’t want to talk about it often, they have been handling it very well.  They AMAZE me!

We’ve had a fun summer so far hanging out with friends whenever we can and we will continue to do so through out of August.  The girls are going to be going to a one week overnight camp.  Camp Kesem is for children whose parents had or have cancer and it’s free.  They are excited about going and meeting other kids in that also have a sick parent and they are hoping to make some life long friends.  I’m proud of both of them that they even want to go.  They make me so proud every day!

And thank you to everyone for reaching out to us from time to time to see how it’s going.  We are very lucky to have the friends and family that we have.  I do consider myself blessed.

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