Port-A-Cath being placed and then we begin to “FIX” him

We met with the surgeon on June 20 2014 that was going to put in the Port-A-Cath on the following Monday.  He explained to us that it will sit in the front of his shoulder, just under the skin.  It can stay there for as long as we need it and then removed when we are done.  He will receive his chemo through the port and have all his blood work drawn from it.  This way they don’t have to poke him each time.  Of course there are things that can complicate this but those things are rare and probably won’t happen.  We are pretty confident that getting the Port is the best way to do it.

The surgery was outpatient and pretty simple and quick and then he just rested the rest of the day.

We both really liked the surgeon we met.  For anyone local his name is Dr. Issac.   He was informative and friendly but he also gave us a little pep talk.  He reminded us how much a positive attitude will help. He told us 3 stories of 3 different people he helped and how a positive attitude really helped them all.  They were very inspiring stories and we left there with a lot of hope.

One story he told us of was a man who was full of this disease.  “Just full of it” he said.  He just removed his colon this week and the disease is gone after all of his treatments.  If that can be us, then I’m okay with that.  I’d rather have my husband – the man I love and father of my children – than his colon.  That we can live with!

To be very honest, it’s very hard to stay positive.  It’s much easier when you are on the outside looking in.  I’ve always tried to be positive for others but when it’s happening to you, and affecting your life the way this is affecting our life, it’s very hard.   We have been trying our best.  Steve and I were both anxious to get his treatments started,  because we thought then we may be able to be even more positive once we know how he’s going to handle the treatments.  The oncologist said the medication he’s going to use, is know for NOT making people very sick.  That will definitely help our attitudes to stay positive.  And if not, then once we go through it a few times, and know what will happen, it will probably (Hopefully) be easier.

But we both agree, we just want to get started.

So that Monday began the beginning of “fixing” my husband.   And then the Thursday after we “fixed” the dog.  Steve is thankful that they aren’t getting “Fixed” the same way.  (We actually had a good laugh about that!).

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