Second Round of Chemo Started off Good

Last week was great.  Steve went to work, no doctor’s appointments, the girls fought like normal, I felt anxious about the girls fighting and Max pooped in the house.  It was a normal week and it felt good.

I think we needed that break from “cancer”.   Just to realize that we are all still here and need to move along as normal as we can.  It was nice.  It recharged us for another week of Chemo.  Dr. Sam told us that we “can’t change what is happening to Steve.  We can only live each day as best as we can so we have no regrets.”  And he is right.  And while it’s hard to think that way every second of every day, we try to as much as we can.  We are still a family, we are still together, and we have to keep moving forward.

I actually almost forgot this awful cancer is in Steve’s body last week.  But I was reminded again today when they hooked him up to the poison that will hopefully kill all the bad inside him, so we can keep all the good that he’s made up of.

Round two of chemo started today.

And unlike last time, they had no trouble at all putting the IV in the port, thankfully because that was awful last time.  They didn’t even need the long needle this time because it was sitting nicely right under his skin.  It really is amazing how this port works.  There isn’t even any bleeding when they take the IV out because the needle is in the port, not in his body.  For those of you that have no idea what a Port is, you can read about it here –> CLICK HERE.

We were there for about 5 hours this week and so far he’s feeling great.  Not really too tired yet, more just from sitting around.  He doesn’t feel sick, which hopefully stays that way considering he got a 45 minute drip of Zofran (for nausea).

Now he’s hooked up to the 46 hour portable chemo until about 12:30 on Friday.  Then he’s done for 12 more days.

I just hope it works.  I really, really do.

In 2 weeks the doctor is checking his CEA level in his blood.  It’s a tumor marker that tells them if there are tumors in his body.  It picks up only certain cancer tumors and colon cancer is one of them.  When he was in the hospital it was over 500.   Right before his first chemo treatment it was over 800.  So we are hoping to see a better number in 2 weeks.  But the doctor did warn us after just 2 chemo treatments that it may not be a good marker.  So we’ll see.   My thought is if it’s lower then it’s working.  Fingers crossed!

Thanks again for all your prayers, thoughts, well wishes, phone calls, cards, and support.  We are blessed to have so many people in our lives and we don’t take any of them for granted.  Not even for a second!

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