Thank you to all our friends and family!

I’ve received so many texts, IM’s and messages with words of encouragement, love and support and I appreciate it so much!

But please know that I am OKAY.  We’ve expected his treatment to take this turn at some point and honestly, we thought it would be 2 months ago.

I posted this on Facebook today but I know not everyone is on Facebook……

Thank you everyone for your prayers, thoughts and positive vibes. We are so lucky to have so many amazing people in our lives. I do feel blessed, considering the situation. The time we’ve had since his diagnosis has been a gift, a gift that one day the girls will realize was one of the best gifts ever. Right before Steve starts the next chemo treatment (May), we will talk to the girls and let them know what’s going on and that chemo will end this fall. But until then we will let them enjoy not knowing what the future holds so they can have fun in Disneyland and at the Father Daughter Dance. We’ve done a lot of reading up on how to handle the situation, some say wait till they have to know, some say be honest with them from the beginning … we’ve always been honest with them and we want to continue that now. I need to gain their trust so they believe me when I say that we will be okay.

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