Watercolors and Animals….

I bought Holly some watercolors since she LOVES to color so much. After lunch last week, I pulled everything out. I showed her what to do and she immediately caught on and really seemed to enjoy it….until she got some of the paint on her hands. She didn’t like that part. I had to keep wiping off her hands. I told her not to touch the brush so nothing would get on her hands, but she just kept doing it. So funny the things she does understand and the things she doesn’t understand. She made 2 masterpieces and had lots of fun. But I don’t think we’ll be trying finger painting anytime soon!

We went to The Big E last week. We love going and Holly has enjoyed it the past two years too but this year was the best. There are lots of animals at The Big E and Holly got so excited when she saw them. She doesn’t want to get too close to some of them, but she gets very excited when she sees them. Here are the sheep…..she was very brave, she went right up to the fencs, until they got closer, then she had to get closer to daddy…it was really cute.

We also saw a pig and her little piglets. Oh they are so cute!!!! Holly seemed to like them to and since they didn’t move, she wasn’t very afraid of them. They just laid there and looked cute.

She loved the little chickens. They have a place where you can see the chicken’s hatching…that’s always my favorite place, but then they have all the chickens that hatched in one space and she really liked watching them. Probably because they were so small and she wasn’t afraid of them.

We had a lot of fun but I didn’t take too many pictures. And we had a perfect day weather wise to be there.

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