Snow Much Fun!

While Allison napped today, Holly and I went outside to play in the snow. I made a path for her to slide down the little hill right outside the front door, it’s perfect for sledding. She loves doing it but gets a little nervous the first few times, then she won’t stop. She decided to go down on her back so she closed her eyes, just in case it was scary. She’s so funny! We had a good time.

Then she wanted to build a snowman. I haven’t made too many snowmen in the past but I think this one turned out really cute. She’s a girl so really she’s a snow girl. We don’t make boy’s in this house, only girls! Daddy’s out numbered even with the snow people! LOL

I loved this close up picture of her. Her hat was just a little too big and kept falling in her face but she tried really hard to let me see her eyes. She was having a lot of fun. I am glad we got to use the snowsuits this year. They both looked cute in blue.

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