Our First Snow……….

Our First Snow, for this year that is.

It snowed today and Holly was so happy. It didn’t really snow last year, nothing that she could play in and the year before she doesn’t remember so today was a fun day!

Believe it or not, her snowsuit I bought her last year fits her perfectly, she’s so tiny. So that worked out well since I didn’t buy another one this year. She patiently waited for Allison to go down for her afternoon nap so we could go outside. Here are some pictures of her all bundled up having fun. Her had kept falling over her eyes. She was so cute!

She had a blast!!!

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  1. Karen, I miss chattin’ with ya on the boards. Your girls are growing up way to fast. My Vinny is already 4.1 months, it felt like I was just pregnant and whining about it, hee hee. Beautiful Girls and have a Merry Christmas if I don’t talk with ya before then.

  2. Really REally cute pictures! I love that snowsuit!!!

    If you want more snow, we still have plenty here – I can have it shipped to you!

    PS: I totally copied your header on your blog on mine. Sorry, I didn’t realize yours said the same thing too!!!!

    Miss YOu!!! Happy Holidays!

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