Much better and more..

I hope! Holly is back to herself, like she’d never even been sick. I’m glad for that..I missed her little spirit running around the house talking on her phone, playing with her little people, dancing with dora. All that is back and more. Now we need to get Mommy back on the mend. I ended up catching what she had and was in bed Friday night when Steve got home. I spent the day in bed on Saturday and Sunday I was started to feel better. So far so good today. Now lets just hope that Steve doesn’t catch it. Tomorrow I plan on disinfecting the house to get rid of this bug. I just don’t have all my energy back today to do it.

In all of this, Holly also is getting another tooth. We had a feeling because she’s been chewing on everything again like a puppy and the drool is just pouring out. Sunday morning while she was playing around I noticed something poking out. There could be another one, but I haven’t found it. She seems to be handling this one very well, except for the biting part. I don’t mind that, except she’s tearing apart her books. Don’t know why she’d even like the feel of that in her mouth, but she does.

I’m hoping to get her to the mall this week and take an Easter picture in her pretty dress. Hopefully, if not next week for sure. We are skipping the Easter Bunny this year. I just don’t think she’ll go for it and I’m afraid if I push it, she’ll be scared. I’d rather wait till she’s excited to sit on his lap.

This past week with her being sick, she didn’t drink any milk so I figured it was the best time to get rid of the bottle.
And we did.
And it’s gone!
Unfortunately, it’s the only way she’ll drink milk so for now she’s getting lots of other dairy products through out the day. I’ll keep trying the milk and see if she’ll take it some day. It’s just strange that she’ll drink it from a bottle, but not from a cup…I just don’t get that! It’s the same thing. I’m also going to try to put the sippy cup top on the bottle bottom and she if that will work. Hey I’m not a huge milk drinker so if she isn’t, I can’t be upset with her.

Here’s a picture of Daddy sitting with her while she had her 2nd to last bottle. So glad I got this picture.

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