Holly’s Hair Cut

On Friday Holly went to get her bangs cut (I can’t believe how fast this kids hair grows!!) and I decided to have Betsy take off about 2 1/5 inches from the back. She complains all the time when I brush it because it’s getting really knotty as it gets longer and also in the winter it gets very flyaway with the cold air so less hair to fly away. Holly really didn’t mind cutting a bit and it’s still long, just not as long. I think she looks cute. I know when my father sees it he won’t be happy, he loves long hair on little girls. When I was a kid, I had really long hair and for some reason ( I think I wanted to do it) my mother cut my hair A LOT. He kept the hair in a bag for a while, he was so sad and upset. Needless to say she never cut my hair again till I took over. But again, Holly’s hair grows so fast, it’ll be long again in no time at all.

And a cute picture of Allison!

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