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Boxes and more Boxes……….

We still have boxes.  It’s been almost 2 months but the girls rooms still have boxes in them.  IT doesn’t look like this anymore..  (Allison popped up from behind a box when I snapped the picture!)

….but the boxes in the back corner that you see in that picture are still not unpacked.  The problem is they are full of toys – toys that they probably don’t need since they haven’t played with them in like 3 months considering they were packed up before we moved.

Why do they have so many toys?  Because I can’t resist myself.  I see something they will like and I find a way to get it.   In my defense, a lot of the toys are for review on the blog.  But still it’s crazy.

We are having a yard sale in a few weeks.  The girls go back to school next week.  I will probably open some of the boxes while they are in school then put them aside for the yard sale.

Then I’ll just deal with it the day of the yard sale because they won’t be happy when they see their stuff out there.  BUT the holidays are coming and not only will they get gifts of more toys, I’ll be getting more toys to review on the blog, for even more toys.

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