The Joys of Moving – Never AGAIN!

I know I said these same exact words nearly 9 years ago but I mean it this time – I AM NEVER MOVING AGAIN!  I can see why people stay in the same place for years and years.  It’s hard packing up the house and moving to another one.  Especially when you have children – who have stuff – LOTS of STUFF – EVERYWHERE.

I wanted to move closer to family and closer to my husbands job so we put our house on the market (for the 2nd time) and it sold in 22 days!!

Next it was packing………… and more packing………… AND MORE PACKING.

It. Wouldn’t. End.

Everywhere I turned there was more STUFF to pack.

It was like it was multiplying!  For every box I packed, I found 17 more boxes worth.  IT. Wouldn’t. END.

Even the day we moved, I was still packing.  I got to the point that I told my mother that morning I didn’t care if she packed it or threw it away. I was THAT tired of packing.  (the part of UNPACKING hadn’t crossed my mind at this point yet!)

But finally the rooms were empty…  And yes I was sad.  I was on the verge of tears all day – partly because I was absolutely exhausted and partly because this was our home for almost 9 years and both our girls came home from the hospital to this house… they learned how to crawl, walk, climb, talk and even go potty in this house.   It was very sad to leave.  But I couldn’t get the tears out – Holly didn’t have the same problem because she cried so hard my heart was breaking (it’s weeks later as I write this and trust me, she hasn’t looked back not even once!).

And we said goodbye….  And then it dawned on me that all that stuff that I (STUFFED) packed up in boxes, now had to be unpacked.  Boy oh boy – I was no where near done with moving.



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