“Make Believe You Like Each Other”…..

While Jodi was visiting, she did the girls hair… they look like Princess Lea in Star Wars (is that how to spell her name?)  Jodi loves doing the girls hair because she has two boys.  After she did their hair she wanted to take a picture of them but the girls were having one of their moments.  They didn’t want to be next to each other or to even touch each other.

So Jodi said to them “Make believe you like each other for a minute”.  And this is the result of that…..

Holly the little actress went along with it and ‘made believe’ she was going to put her arm around her sister.  Allison pretty much stood there because she was told too trying to not smile, can you tell?

Doesn’t matter, I love the picture anyways because it’s a moment of being sisters.  It’s not always perfect and they don’t always like either other but they sure do love each other!

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