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Kid’s Today and Technology

This is what we have come too.  It’s cute and sad all at once, don’t you think?  Of course this picture was posed because when they all get together they don’t play with their electronics but we thought it would be a cute picture to have to represent how the kids mimic their parents.

Notice that Allison’s iPod has a case that matches her dress – well it doesn’t just match her dress, it matches everything that she loves in the world – ZEBRAS!

This picture was taken at Allison’s 5th birthday party and I can not believe that 5 years has gone by already.  She’s getting so big and changing more and more everyday.  But she’ll always be my baby.  She was cuddling with me the other day and I asked her at what age will she no longer cuddle with me.  She told me when she’s 18 she will stop.   I know that’s not true, but I enjoyed thinking for a moment that I had 13 more years of cuddling with her.

I asked Holly the same question and she said when she was 10.  She more of a realist I guess!

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